Fortune for Peanuts

What is it?

  • Fortune for Peanuts is an entertaining online shopping experience! An e-commerce website where shoppers can browse through products selling at a fixed price (yet still save! compared to traditional stores) or selling at auction (and attempt to convince a seller to sell his/her item at a discount price!).
  • Fortune for Peanuts offers its website for these e-commerce services by facilitating an online system to the sellers/partners and advertising to potential buyers looking for a bargain. 
  • The Online Store is a business-to-consumer webshop where Fortune for Peanuts partners sell their products online at a fixed price. Buyers browse, for free, the items on sale.
  • The Online Bazaar is a consumer-to-consumer auction website where individuals sell their new or used items and where potential buyers bid against each other to ‘win’ the auction and then purchase the item at a discount price. This section is 100% free to use for both sellers and buyers - no fees, no commissions!

How does it work?

  • For the Online Store, interested companies/stores contact Fortune for Peanuts about becoming an official partner. Fortune for Peanuts manages the posting of the items for sale.
  • For the Online Bazaar, users - either sellers or buyers register for free on the website. Sellers upload their own items. The selling of the items is handled as an online auction where a desired asking price is stated by the seller and interested buyers bid above or below the desired asking price until the seller accepts. Each auction is five (5) days long, after which, if no sale is made, the system automatically closes the auction for that item and removes it from the Bazaar.
  • All users receive notification emails, to their registered email address, every time there is an activity involving their account. Such notifications include: account profile changes, when a user places a bid on or buys an item, when a user accepts a bid for an item, when a user purchases an item. It is important to give a reliable email address and mark all incoming emails from the Fortune for Peanuts system as NOT SPAM.


Create an Account / Register


1. Register a new account, or sign in wit Faceboook. Registered users simply click on the Sign in button and type in their email and password.








2. Fill in all the required fields (* asterisk). Read and accept our Terms and Conditions, Rules and Privacy Policy.









3. Check that you received a registration confirmation email in your inbox and click on the link in the email to ACTIVATE your account.






Search for items in the Store or the Bazaar

1. Type in the search box by: item keyword OR available in city. Then, select if you want to search in the Bazaar or the Store section.







2. Or, on the homepage, click on a specific category in the Store or Bazaar category list







3. Also, at the top, click on the Online Store or the Online Bazaar and choose a category from the drop-down box.






4. In the Online Store or Bazaar, use the list or windows option to change the view. Use the sorting tools to change the order of the items.





Start an Auction / Sell - Uploading an item

1. For the Bazaar, click on the big green button on the top of the page. In step no.1, fill in all the fields. This includes entering the desired asking auction price for your item. *Please note that a user can bid above or below this price.


In step no.2, add a picture to your product and modify any details. You will also receive a upload confirmation email in your inbox. Next, wait for the system to approve your item. Then, it will auction / advertise on the website for five (5) days.


2. For the Online Store (fixed price webshop), contact us via the online form. Otherwise, send an email to


Understand your User Account and subMenus

  • My Account > here you can edit your profile details, except your username and email address.
  • Change password > change your password if you have a security issue
  • My Purchases > displays what you bought in the Online Store
  • View cart > displays saved items you would like to buy from the Online Store
  • My ads > as the seller, displays the items you upload for sale at auction in the Bazaar
  • My sales > as the seller, displays the items you sold at auction in the Bazaar
  • My bids > as the buyer, displays for which items you placed a bid offer to buy in the Bazaar
  • My wins > as the buyer, displays the items you purchased at auction, where the seller accepted your bid offer in the Bazaar
  • Upload product > as a seller, here you can upload a new item in the Bazaar
  • Sign out > log off the website

Place a bid offer, as a buyer, in the Bazaar

  1. On the item’s window, click on the green “BID!” button, next to the “view details”.
  2. A window will pop-up, where it asks you to give your offer, “Bid price”
  3. Next, in the next two fields give the location country and city where you can pay and pick-up the item
  4. Confirm and place the bid by pressing again the green “BID!” button at the bottom of the pop-up window.


Accept an offered bid, as a seller in the Bazaar

  1. First, you receive a “someone palced a bid on your product” confirmation email in your inbox.
  2. Login first, then in the My ads submenu, you can find all your uploaded items for sale at auction. Under you can see all the bids received
  3. Click on the “Accept” button next to the bid offer price that you would like to sell your item at.


4. Confirm the selection in the following pop-up window. *Please remember that this removes the item from the live auction/website and stops other users from placing further bids.

5. A confirmation appears, followed by the My sales submenu, where you see the contact information of the buyer. You also receive a congratulations confirmation email in your inbox, showing the contact information of the buyer and the agreed price/auction’s closing price.

Place item(s) in your Cart, as a Buyer in the Online Store

  1. First Log in and enter the Online Store Section.
  2. After finding the desired item, click on the green “Cart” button.
  3. Next, in the Account submenu, select ‘View cart’ and choose the item’s quantity for pruchase. Note that the item is not on hold for you.
  4. When you are ready to order and pay, click the green “Order” button again.




5. Continue with the steps, confirming your contact information and paying for the item, if online payment method is available.

6. A purchase confirmation email will arrive in your inbox. On it, is the store’s contact information, item name and quantity and the price you need to pay at the store. 

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